About Us

About Us
okthumb is a leading business listing platform that provides an edge to Businesses in getting visibility in the digital space and a deserving position in the actual market as well. It also provides a latitude for Consumers to select services utilizing objectively given and collected reviews.

Vision We Hold

Okthumb is dedicated to making a diverse and valid marketplace that follows best practices. To achieve that we bridge the gap between customers’ desired demands and services offered by businesses and professionals through business listing.
Okthumb, a thumbs-up platform for listing your business!

Why Choose

We make useful interactions with businesses and genuine testimonials,  reviews, and ratings. okthumb wields a format that supports listed businesses by showcasing true reviews about them. These reviews and ratings will make the business most preferred among others. On the other hand, we are best at providing a hassle-free and independent platform to users for review comparison that helps them in meticulous and better decision-making.

What We Have For You

For each user

we understand the flood of untrustworthy boasting of products and services makes you skeptical about choosing any of the options. But worry no more, If you are one of the regular customers of any service or Okthumb users. we are here for you with authentic and organic reviews submitted by people living in the vicinity of the services and businesses. These reviews do not leave any space for doubts.

For every business

If you want to make your business visible and grow in less time just get started today via a free account. Our listing service and valuable ratings will certainly make you experience a boom in your business presence. All you need to do is simply register your business page without any charges.

Just join okthumb with a simple click and take the graph of your business upwardS only!