Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy notice, you will get to know how we get or collect data/information and use the stored personal data/information after collection. Also, get acquainted with the sources and ways of data collection since this notice is a transparent document reflecting our (Okthumb) privacy policy. Thus, it is suggested you read this privacy policy thoroughly.

Extent of this policy

Every position stated in this privacy policy applies to all users and businesses/services being entertained by and/or registered with us on our website. 

Having said that, the extent of accountability regarding our privacy policy is limited to our entity(okthumb) only. It means we are not responsible for any terms, regulations, data storage practices, or any transaction policy of the listed business which has a separate policy. 

Your Consent

By visiting our website, the okthumb portal, you allow us to assume that you agree with our privacy policy, terms, and conditions. We already appreciate that you count on us regarding your data/ information. Moreover, we do not share/provide personal information or data in any form by any means to anybody. It leaves no space for data misuse from our end. The sharing procedure of any information is transparent and only takes place whenever it is required to deliver our services.

Data Collection

Before going into details of our data collection and usage mechanism, it should be noted that we don’t require and ask anybody to send us critical or sensitive information via any channel. Any suspicious incident or activity of Data/Information theft or abuse, that personally identifies with anybody, before reaching our website does not make us accountable for any misuse/abuse/stealing/privacy breaching.

Why Do We Collect Data?

We, at okthumb, provide our portal as a platform for business listing services and simultaneously act as a digital directory that exchanges listed business service information and general user details(submitted by them at the time of registration) with each other. So data collection is essential for us and more reasons for the same are as follows.

  • We do the data collection job to give an appropriate, relevant and desired response to the inquiry posted or searched at our portal.
  • Data collection is inevitable in businesses/services that need publishing the related details. So we require information for communication.
  • Appropriate administration demands data and information be stored categorically, so we collect data for record maintenance.
  • we need the basic contact information of listed businesses to notify them regarding updates.
  • For technical improvements and to enable secure logins for users. 

Note: Avoid sharing Critical or sensitive information. Information consisting of banking card passwords and other confidential details, real-time geo-location, or any other data about your personal information.

How Do We Collect Data?

Different ways are utilized for collecting data from diverse sources. These sources and ways are explained further.

From listed Businesses

The data we fetch and store on the server is data/information gathered at the time of listing-registration form that includes Category And Services, Description, Full Address, Listing Title, Phone Details, Price Details of listed services, Social Media Account(s), and Website Address. 

From Site Visitors/General Users/Customers

Our portal,, accumulates, copies, and stores the data through the cookies of our website visitors. Cookies give us the IP address, search queries, and choice inclination of the user/customers. Apart from cookies, the submitted review and sign-up format allows us to save the applicant’s details like name, contact number, e-mail ID, and address.

Use Of Collected Data

We(okthumb) utilize the collected/gathered data after obtaining valid consent from users/clients transparently. We do so for purposes explained further.

Service Delivery Needs

okthumb is an entity/website/service that provides a business listing platform. so it is clear that our service type requires us to analyze and publish the detailed data we get from Consumers. Secondly, delivering our services and performing daily tasks of business listing makes it a necessity to not collect data from first/companies/clients/businesses.

Business  Interest and Improvement

In this technology-driven business, we need to keep ourselves updated. To fulfill this requirement we use cookies and feedback to analyze the experience of users. Moreover, improvement after getting feedback is one of the ways to business expansion. Thus we publish the review submitted about enlisted business products/services on our platform.

Data Retention

Collecting personal data holds us accountable and compels us to comply with ethical practices in securing it.  To fulfill this accountability, we store and retain the entire data at our own server/ owned places. We retain the collected data until:

  • It is required to store the very data and keep monitoring the same to counter scams, fraud prevention, record maintenance, and if it is mandatory for user/client service utilization. Only our team or our employees perform the monitoring task so no question of data insecurity arises from our end.
  • You delete your sign-in/registered account or send us a deletion request. Data/information related to you will not be entertained, used, or monitored after that, and be removed from our portal.

Your Rights

We have included your rights in this policy document that you may use anytime in case you want to discontinue using our service. 

You can:
  • Access your account and make changes or edit the given information.
  • Delete your account containing all the details submitted by you at the time of registration.
  • Discontinue push notifications after withdrawing your consent at any time.
  • Modify or rectify your sign-in account as per updated personal details like location, contact number, email ID, etc.
  • Opt to unsubscribe if you are not willing to get a notification regarding updates and our service advertisement.


‘okthumb’, ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ are being and will be used as personal pronouns for the entity okthumb. Besides these, our ‘platform’ and ‘services’ carry the same meaning as already mentioned personal pronouns. 

Any statement or argument regarding our possession will be considered a valid interpretation if it gives the same sense as per policy terminology.

Anything Else?

In case you consider that something needs to be solved or the information provided is incomprehensible, you may contact us. Send your queries on our privacy policy to @email.ID